The Law Offices of Michael R. Herron, P.A. Auto Accident Attorney Near Watrous in Tampa, FL

The Law Offices of Michael R. Herron, P.A. Auto Accident Attorney Near Watrous in Tampa, FL


Tampa Auto Accident Attorney

The Law Offices of Michael R. Herron, P.A. Auto Accident Attorney If You Have Been Injured in a Car Collision, I Can Help. Will you need to have a car accident attorney after a car crash? It’s best to find a free consultation. Since the consultation will not charge you anything, you do not have anything to lose by talking about your situation with an experienced personal injury lawyer.


Why You Need to call me today:

  • If I don’t win your case, you do not need to pay.
  • I have over 60 Five Star Google Reviews! (Check my Google reviews here.)
  • Unlike larger law firms, my company offers private one-on-one service throughout the full procedure.
  • You simply have a particular period of time to do it in your case — do not miss the chance to acquire the compensation you deserve.
  • Though I am a personal injury attorney, my clinic specializes in handling car crash cases.

I am a highly-rated and seasoned Tampa auto incident lawyer. If you’re hurt in a car crash in Florida you have to act immediately to deal with your injuries, protect your rights, and conserve your own evidence. I’m a Seasoned Car Accident Attorney Experienced Accident Attorney Tampa. Mr. Herron has handled 3000+ criminal cases and has since acted as a car accident attorney in 300+ traffic cases including personal injury. Top-Rated Accident Lawyer TampaMicheal Herron has over 60 five-star Google Reviews from happy clients.

Personal ServiceMichael works right with his customers so that each case receives the attention to detail needed to acquire. Former Prosecutor Mr. Herron is a former prosecutor who understands the opposition and their approach so he’s better positioned to acquire for you! No Fee Unless We Win! Get the Compensation You Deserve!

What My Customers Say

Joshua Phelps

I’ve utilized Michael Herron for numerous events that have happened in my life. Spanning the gambit of legal representation, the one thing which has stayed constant is the reliability of Michael and his word. He’s a lawyer who hides on billboards or only talks through label lines, he’s a lawyer which you can sit back in his office and conduct business with all the old-school manner. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, straight-shooting lawyer who knows how to get things done, I’d recommend Michael Herron all-day

Ariane Williams

I can not thank Mr. Herron and Ms. Julie enough for treating me as a person rather than a dollar sign. My accident changed my life entirely. I’m fairly new to Tampa and never been involved in an accident before. And so, I didn’t understand where to start. Someone called the WORST law firm in the world”Morgan & Morgan.” I had been treated very poorly at that law firm. I never fulfilled my attorney, guess I had nothing. I ask to speak to my attorney numerous times and the paralegal would always call me with an attitude like I was annoying him. 1 afternoon I googled lawyers in my region and Mr. Herron showed up with 5 stars. From day 1, Mr. Herron sits with you for consulation. I guess that he was amazed by the look on my face since I was like”I really get to fulfill my attorney.” Julie was the absolute best, I love her to bits…

This can be a family-oriented law firmthey treat you like family…

I can not thank you enough for everything…

I’m literally in tears typing this because I’m full of joy…

Nick Dister

Michael Herron handled a situation for our small company and did a terrific job. Michael knows his stuff inside and out and has been responsive to our requests for upgrades. Highly recommend!!!

Debbie Wardlow

I would love to thank Mr. Herron and his office staff for their support in the last year. I got the utmost respect, professionalism, and genuine support from his staff. Julie was fantastic to communicate with. I never had to wait for over several hours for a reply in an email or telephone call. Mr. Herron knew exactly everything I’d be confronting moving ahead after an automobile accident. He’ll definitely be known by me. I’m extremely happy with my experience with Mr. Herron and his staff. I hired them twice to handle legal matters for me and the two times they exceeded my personal expectations. Mr. Herron and his legal staff are constant in pursuing a victory for their clientele.

They also do a superb job of maintaining their client “in the loop” with regards to their own case. I referred my boyfriend to them and he also had an exceptional experience. I definitely recommend him and his entire staff!

Matt Morris

A gifted team of hardworking professionals, so I could not have asked for more from The Law Offices Of Michael Herron. Anything I needed that they were ready to assist. I wasn’t hoping to get rich, I just didn’t wish to take care of the insurance providers. It seemed like a very slow process at first, but once [Law Offices of Michael Herron] took over my case everything went smoothly… my settlement was much more than I ever expected. His helper Julie was phenomenal at strengthening their competence as a team. I would suggest Michael Herron Law to everyone, and they will be the first ones that I call if I ever need another injury lawyer.

Tracy Kendrick

I’ve profited from Michael Herron’s council services on two separate occasions. I appreciate the exemplary, professional work leader of Mr. Herron and his staff. On any given day I felt welcomed and informed and for this, I will remain grateful. I’d without a doubt recommend Michael to anyone and that I would use his services again without hesitation. Thank you, Michael Herron.

Jim Duffey

Michael Herron, and his type, and affectionate staff exemplify what small business around. Working straight with him, as well as his handsome paralegal, Julie, my case was resolved in a timely, and quite favorable fashion. Mr. Herron’s attention to every detail in my situation far exceeded my expectations seeing a careless driver, at a cell phone connected experience. Your well-being is your responsibility. Drive farther if you have to, so as to satisfy the expectations that you search within the judicial system. Textbook good results. Much gratitude for you sir, and your staff, to get a Thanksgiving to be remembered.

My loved ones and I have suffered for quite some time mentally and financially. Then Michael and his staff became involved and eased a lot of our annoyance. With this, I forever thank Michael Herron for his commitment, hard work, and focusing on your own needs. I highly recommend this law firm to anyone.I want to thank Michael Herron and his paralegal, Julie Burger, for its fantastic time and dedication they’ve put in my slip and fall situation. Mr. Herron believed that my case was worth fighting and that he did just that. I’ll be forever grateful. Both he and Julie kept me up to date with everything that has been happening.

I Manage All Types Of Accident CasesMotorcyclists face particular hazards that other drivers might be oblivious of. Motorcycle Accident “COMMERCIAL VEHICLE ACCIDENTS” Due to their size commercial vehicles cause the most devastating accidents on the road today. “Commercial Accident” Accidents in ride-sharing service vehicles are becoming more common. Nothing in existence attracts more pain and distress in relation to the lack of a family. Automobile accidents are almost always the result of the negligence of a minimum of one person. In most Tampa Bay automobile accidents there’s at least one insurance company that gets involved by assigning an adjuster into the situation.

These adjusters might appear friendly and keen to assist, however, make no mistake about it, their dedication is to the insurance carrier. That is why it’s very important to acquire an experienced attorney involved in your case. A personal injury attorney will assist you in “level the playing field” with the insurance carrier and ensure that your interests and rights are safeguarded.

What Should I Be Not Sure If I’m Hurt Or Not?

Remember that injuries from auto crash cases frequently don’t manifest themselves until the day following the auto crash. This is due to the adrenaline rush that you receive during traumatic minutes. Should you think you are hurt, you should seek medical attention simultaneously. You are able to use your own Florida no-fault or PIP insurance coverage to pay up to 80 percent of your first
medical bills.

Automobile accident injuries can contain:

  • Whiplash
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Broken Bones
  • Torn or Ruptured Ligaments
  • T.M.J.
  • Injuries in the result of an airbag
  • Permanent Scarring Departure

These injuries all need medical care which can include: physical therapy, pain medications, antibiotics, pain management injections, and even surgery. The cost of your medical treatment can grow very fast. Before you can even start the recovery process you’ll end up under assault from medical bill collections bureaus, insurance injury adjusters who need you to take pennies on the dollar, along with home damage adjusters who don’t need to provide you reasonable value for the damage to your vehicle. We could and can represent you in every facet of your auto incident case.

We will help you recover a sum that will ensure your property damage, past, current, and future medical bills, pain, and distress, lost wages, and some other damages you may have suffered. Call us at any time.

How Can You Find The Ideal Car Accident Attorney For The Own situation?

According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel, 2.3 million people are injured in car accidents every year. In case you’ve been involved in an auto accident, you likely know you need to get in touch with a crash lawyer as soon as you possibly can. They could help you submit a claim, recover a few of the costs of your medical bills, and seek reimbursement that’s owed to you. Even though it is important to act quickly if you’re hurt in a car collision, do not telephone the very first law business that pops up in a Google search.

Do some research because, with a skilled automobile collision attorney on your side, you can avoid the bother of a court appearance. Under 5 percent of personal injury cases ever see a jury. That’s correct — the majority are settled out of court. Hiring a top automobile accident attorney like me will make sure
you emerge the winner at the end of those discussions.

Tips For Finding The Ideal Car Accident Attorney Close Tampa, FL

Find a Good Referral — Search for private referrals. Speak to those who’ve been through the procedure before and ask them to recommend a suitable attorney. An internet search can show a number of honest reviews about car accident lawyers in your vicinity. You also are searching for somebody who keeps their customers updated, returns telephone calls, and even sticks to arrangements. Take your time locating someone passionate about getting the best results for their customers.

Obtain a Professional — make certain to locate an accident lawyer who knows about your kind of case. A criminal lawyer is not the ideal choice for a car injury case, nor will be a divorce lawyer. And, not all personal injury attorneys handle car accident cases regularly. Select a crash lawyer who specializes in cases just such as yours. As you’ve been engaged in a car accident, you will need a car crash lawyer. Research their credentials. Take a look at their track record by searching through their reviews that are online.

Experience Is Key — Though negotiating skills are an integral feature of a terrific lawyer, courtroom experience is crucial if your case ends up before a jury. It’s guaranteed that you will be up against a top defense attorney in such situations. Do not bring a knife right into a gunfight. Your counsel must have the experience and skill to have the jury on your side. First Impressions Count — Arrange to see a few attorneys and interview them. What is your initial impression? Their offices must look maintained and well-run.

This proves they are coordinated and are more inclined to take care of their cases in an organized fashion. In the event of personal injury suits, you should not have to pay anything upfront. The attorney’s fees should come from this settlement he or she gets for you. There ought to not be a charge if you’re losing. Once you first meet with your attorney, do you really believe you can speak to them? Don’t hire an accident attorney that you can’t get along with. You will need to go over matters openly together.

Questions Concerning Finding A Highly Rated Tampa Accident Attorney?

Reach out to us with any queries you have about personal injury law, or see our website to find out more. We will be happy to review your situation at no cost and counsel you about the most appropriate course of action.

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