Tampa Slip & Fall Accident Lawyer

Were you hurt on someone else’s property?

Did you trip because of poor lighting or lack of a railing where there should have been one? The owner of a property (a “premises”) is liable for injuries that result from failure to reasonably maintain the property. Contact a Tampa slip and fall accident attorney.

Many such accidents occur in stores where a liquid spills on a linoleum floor. Stores save money by installing flooring that will hold up to the foot traffic of hundreds or thousands of customers. But you as a customer have a right to be safe walking there. If you accidentally slip on a liquid that was left there, and are injured, you deserve compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages while off work.

Whether or not the owner is liable for the damages you suffered depends on whether they took care to avoid accidents. The key is typically the amount of time the danger was left there, when the owner knew of the danger. Did they disregard your safety? It is just common sense that this is irresponsible.

Other dangerous conditions that lead to slips and falls are poor lighting, unsafe or narrow stairs, wet floors, icy sidewalks, and potholes. Bars, restaurants and other businesses must clean up or repair dangerous conditions.

Negligent Security

Negligent security can also constitute premises liability. An apartment complex or office building is a business that profits from people living and working there. If the premises are easily accessible to predators and no corrective measures are taken, this might constitute negligence. If you are assaulted when you assumed you were safe, call us to discuss your injuries or losses.

Many gated apartments fail to secure the gates – they are often locked in the open position. This provides no security. Poor lighting is another danger to visitors and residents. Depending on the neighborhood and other factors, there should be a security guard, secure entrances, adequate lighting, and other reasonable measures to avoid assaults and attacks.

Our lawyers are aggressive and driven to attain your goals. Future visitors to the property will be safer if the owner is made to pay for his or her carelessness.

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