Probation Violations

Been Violated? Talk to a Lawyer About Your Options.

Violating probation is easier than people think. Even with the best intentions, misunderstandings and mistakes in judgment happen. If you have been violated — or think you might be in trouble — talk with a lawyer about your options. You may have more than you think.

At The Law Offices of Michael R. Herron, P.A., we give our clients options. Lawyers at our Tampa, Florida, law firm will evaluate your violation affidavit and try to get the violation dismissed. We can also ask the judge to reinstate your probation, file motions for early termination, transfer or modification of your probation or for a bond.

Call before you get in trouble: If you know that you are going to get violated, call an attorney before you get arrested. Don’t wait. You may even be able to avoid being violated. Contact us by calling 813.258.4878 for a free initial consultation.

There are many ways to violate probation. Regardless of how the alleged violation happened, we are well prepared to help you achieve the best possible results. We represent people accused of technical violations and new law violations:

  • Technical violations: Technical probation violations involve failure to complete conditions of probation, like finding a job, meeting a probation officer or passing mandatory drug tests. There are many reasons that people face technical violations. Many are beyond your control. As strong advocates we can make sure that the court sees this as well.
  • New law violations: New law violations occur when you have been arrested for a new criminal offense. If this occurs, it is important to work with a law firm that handles your criminal defense as well as the probation issues you face.

Most violations of probation result in a warrant for your arrest and a “no bond” which means you have to wait in jail until the clerk’s office gets around to setting you a court date. At The Law Offices of Michael R. Herron, P.A., we can set you a court date so you don’t have to wait for weeks in jail to be heard by a judge.

Use Experience to Fight for Justice

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