Motorcycle Accidents

We respect motorcyclists and vigorously advocate for them when they are injured.

Tampa Motorcycle Accident LawyerTwo factors distinguish motorcycle accidents from other motor vehicle accidents.


First is the vulnerability of motorcycle riders. Riders do not have:

  • Seatbelts
  • Airbags
  • Metal protecting them

They are smaller and less visible at a distance. They do not have large surfaces of metal reflecting light. They are more likely to have an accident, more likely to suffer injury, more likely to be fatally injured. Contact a Tampa motorcycle accident attorney.

Bias Against Them

The second factor is the stereotype many people have of motorcyclists. “Why would anyone ride a motorcycle when the danger is greater?” they think. “Motorcyclists must be thrill seekers, or want some kind of tough image.” There is little sympathy among juries in court, judges, insurance companies or the media. “They bear some responsibility for their own fate,” goes the logic.

We counter this attitude in many ways. People have a right to innocently “pursue happiness” and freedom. Motorcycles use less gasoline, produce less pollution, take up less space on the road, and do less harm to others in accidents. Finally, accidents involving motorcycles are almost always the fault of auto drivers.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, we want to help you. We deal effectively with insurance companies. We prepare our cases to go to trial, and this preparation shows the liable parties that they must pay for your losses, damage to your bike, medical care, pain and suffering, and lost wages while you are out of work.

Michael R. Herron is a former prosecutor and Gulf War veteran who spent several years as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division, and served in front-line combat during the First Gulf War. He is an experienced personal injury and criminal defense attorney who has handled thousands of cases.

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