Juvenile Law

Help for Offenders in the Juvenile Justice System

Young people have a lot riding on a clean criminal record. An arrest could affect what jobs they get, what schools they get into and even how much financial aid they receive. If you so someone you love has been arrested for an offense under Florida juvenile law, it is critical that you contact the lawyers at the Tampa Law Offices of Michael R. Herron, P.A.

To talk with us about how Florida juvenile law may affect you, contact The Law Offices of Michael R. Herron, P.A., by calling 813.258.4878 or completing our online contact form.

Handling a Broad Rang of Juvenile Law Matters

At The Law Offices of Michael R. Herron, P.A., our lawyers handle a broad range of offenses in the juvenile court system:

  • Minor in possession/underage drinking
  • Shoplifting/theft
  • Vandalism
  • Underage DUI
  • Possession of a fake ID
  • Drug possession
  • All juvenile offenses

We use years of experience to help minors achieve the best possible results under juvenile law. Our attorneys have handled thousands of cases, and use the latest trial techniques and technology.

Unlike the criminal justice system for adults, the juvenile justice system focuses on more than just punishing offenders. Juvenile law aims to “rehabilitate” offenders so that they are better able to do the right thing in the future. When representing minors, our lawyers keep this aim in mind. We negotiate with prosecutors to protect your child’s interests and future, helping them minimize potential consequences and move forward after an arrest.

Use Experience to Fight for Justice

To talk with an attorney about juvenile law, call The Law Offices of Michael R. Herron, P.A., in Tampa, Florida, at 813.258.4878 or complete our online contact form for a free initial consultation. Telephones are answered 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Off-site, evening and weekend appointments are available for your convenience. For criminal law and DUI cases, payment plans are available, and we accept all major credit cards.